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I'm a Front End Web Developer with a passion for building user friendly, accessible websites. I also really enjoy using clean, concise code. I have a customer service focused management background in the Automotive Industry. Throughout my time in the Automotive Industry, I developed a lot of skills. I have the ability to communicate thoroughly, problem solve efficiently in a fast paced environment and I can work as part of a team, and lead a team as well. I have the ability to learn new skills quickly and am great at managing my time and meeting deadlines. I have a lot of different interests aside from coding! I love animals and do volunteer for a few dog rescues here in Toronto. I also really like to read. I often find a book I really like and read it in just a couple days! I'm told that I am a good cook, and I do like to cook as well as bake. I do like trying all different sorts of food as well. Travelling is something I absolutely love too. I love to experience different cultures and their food, of course! Fitness is also important to me and I like to do weight/resistance training. I really like to meet new people, so stop by my contact section and say hi!


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